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Disease or Not: Introduction, Two Theories, Experiments on Germ theory, Experiments to Application
Identification: Compare Microbes, Different from animals, Classification (based on properties)
Taxonomical Position: How the bacteria placed in our life forms? 
Infection: Infection Route,Temperature, Air, Food, Insects, Contact-Poor-Hygiene.
Defense: First-Line, Specific:(Phagocytic-cellular-humoral) immunity
Physical & Chemical Controls Sterilization & Pasteurization
Chemotherapy: Sulphonamides,Antibiotics: Action-Site, Aminoglycoside-Macrolides, peptide_bond
Resistance: To antibioitc,Plasmid Mediated transfer

Plasmid: Extra Chromosomal DNA element that carries drug resistance properties

Drug resistance bacteria
Drug Sensitive Bacteria
Two Bacterium are connected  together. This process is called conjugation
The plasmid carrying drug resistance gene, replicates
The newly synthesized plasmid (DNA strand) moves to the other bacteria.
Now both the bacteria are resistant to to an antibiotic.