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Class Attribute  Access privilages
No access attribute Can be accessed from the methods in any class in the same package
public Accessible to all the members or instances
private Accessible from methods inside the same class
protected Accessible from methods in the same package and from any subclass
The image below shows, how to use NetBean 5.5 GUI to create an application, and the scope of the class type and methods.
Now note in the above image, we have only do_something() constructor and at the next step shown below, I added another constructor. Also note the "" next to the private members, that inidicates that these members can only be access by other class members in the same, but not by the derived or external or inherited classes or across the classes. 
protected members

Now let us look at the instances and objects of the class "do_something" and the methods accessible through an object of "do_something". The Netbean GUI (or other GUIs), allows to select all the methods and fields accessible via the instance of a class created in the  methods of the client class. Note private members did not show up in the selection pane. The protected members can only be accessed via instances. If you have created an object that does not

import java.util.*;
class do_something
do_something() {
System.out.println("default constructor");
do_something(String str) {
System.out.println("String constructor");
public int n1 = 12;
private int n2 = 10;
protected int n3 = 15;
public void print_something()
System.out.println("public printer");
private_printer("calling via public");
private void private_printer(String str)
System.out.println("private printer = " + str);
void calcuate()
System.out.println( 2 + 2);
public class Main {
public static void main(String[] args) {
// TODO code application logic here
do_something ds = new do_something();
System.out.println(" ds.n1 = " + ds.n1 + " ds.n3 = " + ds.n3);

Result: ( Using NetBean 5.5)

default constructor
ds.n1 = 12 ds.n3 = 15
public printer
private printer = calling via public

Just like C#, java 5 up does not care about protected members??