Make your proposal in seconds.

The Proposal Database and customized error proof templates.
A Sales Consultants Dream Come True!

With Wine Proposal Software you can prepare a proposal within few seconds that could have taken an hour or two. The following proposal took approximately 20 seconds.

Increases Productivity ( at a minimum scale)
bullet 2 hours a day
bullet 14 hours a week
bullet 42 hours per month
bullet504 hours a year.

Over view Features:

  1. You will able to execute query within a query, narrowing down your options and price quotations in each round of query.
  2. At the end of the queries, you can export your data to a template that can be emailed or printed as per your requirements.
  3. From the table you can also pick a row at a time, save it in a clip board that can hold hundreds of rows and finally export to an excel template.
  4. All the the tech notes and relevant web can be accessed at the mouse click.

Step 1: This application will in Microsoft's Windows 98, XP and 2000-up families. The program loads the DB and Interactive User's Interface.

bullet On the very first page, you are going to view your data base and query options.
bullet Each query allows you to funnel that option available in other categories.

For example when you select Producer's name using the drop down box, it will only display the data related to that particular producer.loading DB and 1st page of winproposal

Step 2: Let us choose Alice White from the list of producers.

image is loading

bulletThe above query will load the data related to "Alice White". Note, the number of rows obtained from your query is posted on the display board. Here On Premise stands for the wine served at the restaurants. The wine proposal software can be customized many different ways to meet your requirements. At present we have added the interfaces to make proposal with the Off Premise wine, Beer and Water in the same package.

loading picture

Step 3: You can hand pick a row and put it on a clip board or can narrow down to the customer's specification. To view the clip board, just Check to "view clip" on "Filter manager". Any point when you want to generate a report using main table or clip board, just click the template type button on "Command Center Panel".

please be patient, picture is being loaded
bulletBut your customer changes his mind and wants to narrow down to Chardonnay with a specific price range.

Step 3: Just click on "Varietal" to choose Chardonnay.

image is loading
bulletSelect option Compact grid or other to view the table. You would note that you have filtered your option related to Alice White > Chardonnay
bulletYou are not done yet ? You can go on further to the last limit.
image is loading

Step 5: For an argument shake, let us think that your client wants to have a quote on the price range of an item like "Net Bottle". When you click on, "custom" as shown in the figure below, another screen will pop up, enter your query values and then click Execute Query view the result of your final query.

image is loading

Select your range.

image is loading

Step 6: Result of your final query.

image is loading

Step 7: Now you are ready to export your selections and print out a report.

image is loading

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