FrontierSoft Inc is a software solution provider, and extends its effort to build a strong community.
This site was emerged as an outburst of amalgamations of many academic ingredients, which were versatile in nature; but supplemental to each other. It was a quest for awareness, and thirst of knowledge about these academic ingredients, added fuel to this venture. The friends and community inspired me, and I added these documents single handed with my own resources. I would admit that there would be numerous mistakes,  or flaws, I would simply beg your apology and bow you for any kind comments in this regard.
Role as a Solution Provider
Cross platform and diversified  Outlooks:

One In Many -Many In One:
There are many  APIs available with plug-in enhancement which are often available as a community version, and free downloadable. 

Small business can take advantage of these software, to develop customized applications, as required. The above image is presented  scopes of few APIs, and this organization uses these APIs in an intranet environment to develop desktop applications , web-pages and web-services .

Architect of your business application !!
I  build new applications or customize the existing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. My strength lies in orchestrating a wide range of diverged application interfaces, and developing modular  objects bridging one platform to other, providing dynamic and flexible architectures to the business applications.
Your success is our interest
Small businesses endeavor on local resources as independent entrepreneurs, strengthening micro-economic infrastructure. A strong local business community can support the influx of imported with minimum level of dependencies. Such self-supporting businesses without generating redundant items would tribute to zonal economic growth and beyond. Therefore, I personally believe that your success is our success in totality, it is important that we prosper and thrive together
Simple and Dynamic approach
We live in a dynamic world, and these dynamics are balanced by interdependent complex service oriented architecture. In this regard, we have adopted a modular approach to maintain, upgrade  or modify  business applications. We are accustomed with many different platforms, and capable of meeting your business requirements. Just like a jig-saw puzzles; we have extensive modular code libraries, and those can easily be integrated or used as a stand-alone
Keeping Pace with the changes:
When Change is Obvious : There are numerous operating system, among those few mostly used are Apple/Mac, Windows, Solaris, Linux (Flavors). For simplicity, let us use the word "Platform" that runs underneath the operating system. Some platforms will run in more than one operating system.

Below shows my involvements with different applications and APIs.  

This organization was registered in the year of 2004 in USA, with a goal to support overseas small businesses, friends, fellow researchers and community, and teach computer basics and programming in local organizations promoting hands-on education.   The academic strength remained one of the four main supporting entities which motivated to launch this website, than blogging elsewhere. The other three main entities are hands-on-experience, hard-work and keeping-it-simple. One entity complements other , like One-In-All and All-In-One.

"Knowledge is the landmark of sovereignty"