Web Pages are under constructions : pardon our appearance. This site intend to contain bare-bones of Expression Studio and how to get around with the Express-API.

The main objectives of these documents to show a transition from FrontPage 2003 to Expression Studio;

After viewing this page it would be worth of taking a tour on Visual Studio Express Editions, before jumping elsewhere. We will get a taste of  using of Microsoft SQL Server. 

These illustrations are posted as is, and you are using at your own risk and sweet venture. It is a good idea to review from Microsoft's site http://www.microsoft.com/Expression/

These documents were created on the fly, and while testing all the tools came with this application. Please bear with me, you would find many typos and other mistakes.

If you had used FrontPage application before, you have the depth, then just fly and explore to express yourself with Expression Web. The FrontPage GUI,  has callouts and shape that is missing in expression web. I did not find the counter part of "vml" scripts, yet. (Still working on it).

Microsoft New Web tools: Good software Bad choice of showing it. Don't get intimated with the out look, close your eyes and download if you have not downloaded or purchased it. It is worth of it's price.

What you are expecting here.

Section I: Here we are planning to view all the tools and gadgets, packaged in Expression Web handy handhandy hand Section II: In this section I would try expand on the items of special interests. It is more to develop an application with the supplied tools.
  Are you blessed with all the tools ?
If not blessed by default, bless thy with OPEN GL. It is not hard, but can't afford to be orthodox.
What can Come in your way, meaning requirements? Not anything special, as a single statement. Now if we are thinking about if and ifnot, we have many choices.
  • Ideals are Windows Internet Application server in Server 2003/Up, Small Business server or IIS in XP-Processional. ( I am yet to free up Vista machine to try Expression Web application. (Please stay tuned)
  • You can scale down with Windows XP Home, Media Center (Yaw you an do that too) and apache (need fine tuning to run asp. net) to get going.
  • Odds are windows development and publishing on  Linux/apache (needs tune up) combination.
  • Buy a shared domain from your lunch money, and line it up.
  • Let your dream and open mind guide you -- let us  express.