Below we have one text area and one div element. By clicking button you can type text in the left pane; the right pane serves as a temp storage area. You may copy the text in clipboard then paste in the left-pane. The reload button is to refresh the page.

This is a storage area

------key to create Compound word like च्छ,  र

Instruction: this is simple Hindi client side code that can allow you to print Hindi text, using button elements and Text-Area. With Fire Fox web browser please use copy /paste from div to text area.

Some words like स्वागत  , स्पा, or अच्छा ক্লিক করে সময় বাঁচানো যায় // युक्ताक्खर लिखिए, क्लिक करते हुऐ. व

 An Example

गृह = ृ,
धर्म =