postgre_installation2 : completing stack builder
PostgreSQL -stack builder.: windows 8 Home premium 64 bit, uses FastCGI for PHP and also has MySQL/WorkBench/phpMyAdmin tuned-up sccessfully.


The installer ( as described in postgre_installation1.htm) , prompted to launch stack builder and I did quit the  installer to look deep inside this application; before proceeding further. I was not aware of this step.
New applications for PostgreSQL on Windows released
Posted on Sept. 17, 2008

EnterpriseDB are pleased to announce the availability of a number of new application for use with your PostgreSQL server on Windows, pre-configured and ready to install using our Stack Builder technology:

* ApachePHP: The Apache Webserver, with PHP, preconfigured for use with PostgreSQL.

* phpPgAdmin: The popular web based PostgreSQL management tool.

* Drupal: The popular Drupal content management system.

* mediaWiki: The Wiki software behind the Wikipedia and amongst many others.

* phpBB: A bulletin board system.

* phpWiki: A simple Wiki package written in PHP.

* EnterpriseDB MySQL Migration Wizard: A wizard designed to migrate your data from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

* EnterpriseDB Tuning Wizard: Utilises elements of EnterpriseDB's Dynatune technology to help configure your PostgreSQL server for the workload of your choosing on your hardware.

To install any of these application, select the 'Application Stack Builder' menu option from the PostgreSQL 8.3 menu on your Windows server, and follow the wizard to choose, download and install the packages you want.

In the coming months, EnterpriseDB also plans to release these pre-configured applications on Linux and Mac OS X.

For installation support for any of the third party packages released by EnterpriseDB or support for EnterpriseDB applications, please visit our forums at
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Please also read stackbuilder1.htm.

As you note in the above , this application is meant to be running on apache server; and I did not find any scope of this extended application with IIS/FastCGI /PHP environment. I may upload my 2cents opinion with windows 7 ultimate platform.

FYI: I tried phpMyAdmin and , phpPgAdmin-5.1 in this machine , the later would run due to security and other constraints. I tuned up phpMyAdmin  in this machine (IIS 8.0 windows 8 /FastCGI ) environment.

 Further, the embedded pgAdmin3.exe file would be good enough to create User and new data bases and tables.