In this example we will use PSQL Console, to query database objects like no of database, table, schema, calling simple function and others; also whenever get a chance I shall try to add a screen shots of writing queries in "SQL Editor" , in parallel to PSQL command line tool.




SQL: querying a schema ( very similar to namespace).

SELECT table_schema, table_name FROM
ORDER BY table_schema, table_name;

Using psql command line

Unix's message in windows : I think I have mentioned before that I tested all PostgreSQL codes in in three different environments.
  • Ubuntu 12.04 :
  • Windows 7 :
  • Windows 8 :

The screenshot showing the query scripts, and the results of the query in  the output-pane of SQL Editor.

Switched to another db, "pgsdemo1";

Script: select relname from pg_stat_user_tables order by relname;

PSQL Pane: typing select query

SQL-Editor view: