using : mysql-installer-web-community-

link :

Configuration steps :

pwd: mySQLmanas8

Added another user: admin/admin237, role DB Admin has all options


mysql-server-5.6-winx64:6 - Looking for valid template
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:12 - Found valid template.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:18 - Attempting to process template.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:25 - Processed template.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:31 - Attempting to configure service.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:37 - Configured service.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:43 - Attempting to start service.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:50 - Started service.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:56 - Adding firewall rule for MySQL56_1 on port 3306.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:62 - Successfully added firewall rule.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:68 - Attempting to update security settings.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:75 - Updated security settings.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:81 - Attempting to verify command-line client shortcut.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:87 - Verified command-line client shortcut.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:93 - Verified command-line client shortcut.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:100 - Attempting to Add New MySQL Users
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:100 - Added New Users.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:100 - Product configuration controller finished configuration.
examples-5.6:10 - Checking if there are any features installed that need configuration.
examples-5.6:100 - Product configuration controller finished configuration.

Make sure that my.ini path is correct.

Created new connection/ new /



testing with php


// mysql_test1.php
//mysqli_connect('localhost','root', NULL, 'people');
//$ip = $_SERVER('SERVER_NAME');
// Check connection
if (mysqli_connect_errno($con))
echo "Failed to connect to MySQL: " . mysqli_connect_error();
// echo $ip. ": SERVER <br/>";
/* print server version */
printf("Server version: %s\n", mysqli_get_server_info($con));
echo "<br/> databse test connected using mysql_connect function";
echo "<br/> host name ". gethostname(). "<br/>";
echo "php_uname " .php_uname();
echo "<br/> connection to db closed";

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There is no connect command with mysql , use db is equivalent to connect db