Database :

File System:


In the File system, one representative will represent his/her own department very conservatively, since one individual will know the structure of the system. There is no way you can generate an automated-scheme or a process a data about an employee who is a customer can be linked up with common procedure accessed by all the point-of-sales units.

Forefront of DBMS


RDBMS : the relational model was first developed by E.F. Codd (of IBM) in 1970.
  • Database, Tables, Rows, columns
    • is a set of Tables.
      • A tables is a set of rows
        • A row has a set of columns
          • A column contains similar data types

Apparently looks as a traditional file system but it is not. (Link-1, Link-2)

A common Table will contain necessary links known as Primacy and Foreign key , that will allow the users the retrieve the data from the linked or allied tables.


Relational Operators:

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