Click on Install MySQL Products

Click on Execute

Click On Next ( after internet connection)

Installs the MySQL Server and the tools required for
MySQL application development. This is useful if you
intend to develop applications for an existing server.

This Setup Type includes:

* MySQL Server

* MySQL Workbench
The GUI application to develop for and manage the server.

* MySQL Visual Studio Plugin
To work with the MySQL Server from VS.

* MySQL Connectors
Connector/Net, Java, C/C++, OBDC and others.

* Examples and tutorials
To help you get started with your development.

* Documentation
Allows you to read the documentation offline.

Checking Requirements


Click On execute to install all the products

successfully installed

Configuration Steps:

I am installing along with other application

Set root password: ManasWin8

Add User and adding a role; Manas9/Manas9237

Back to Configuration window

MySQL Configuration (contd) : Service name

mysql-server-5.6-winx64:6 - Looking for valid template
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:12 - Found valid template.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:18 - Attempting to process template.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:25 - Processed template.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:31 - Attempting to configure service.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:37 - Configured service.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:43 - Attempting to start service.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:50 - Started service.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:56 - Adding firewall rule for MySQL56 on port 3306.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:62 - Successfully added firewall rule.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:68 - Attempting to update security settings.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:75 - Updated security settings.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:81 - Attempting to verify command-line client shortcut.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:87 - Verified command-line client shortcut.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:93 - Verified command-line client shortcut.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:100 - Attempting to Add New MySQL Users
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:100 - Added New Users.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:100 - Product configuration controller finished configuration.

Step : Sample and Examples 5.6.14

Installed : samples

Installation completed : Click To Finish

General Tab


default storage engine

Now click on the connection: ManasWin8

Adjust the pane

Click OK/ALL with %

Setting privileges:

Well I want to taste all , it is a single user's desktop

Open an existing script

Once sql scripts are loaded , execute script , and function node will appear under the selected schema "test".


Now create a table

`fname` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
`lname` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
`dob` date NOT NULL

Fetch with php ( c ode mysqli_fetch_array1.txt)

Installation Glitches: