Name Description
function_adddate"> ADDDATE() Add time values (intervals) to a date value
function_addtime"> ADDTIME() Add time
function_convert-tz"> CONVERT_TZ() Convert from one timezone to another
function_curdate"> CURDATE() Return the current date
function_current-date"> CURRENT_DATE(), CURRENT_DATE Synonyms for CURDATE()
function_current-time"> CURRENT_TIME(), CURRENT_TIME Synonyms for CURTIME()
function_current-timestamp"> CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(), CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Synonyms for NOW()
function_curtime"> CURTIME() Return the current time
function_date-add"> DATE_ADD() Add time values (intervals) to a date value
function_date-format"> DATE_FORMAT() Format date as specified
function_date-sub"> DATE_SUB() Subtract a time value (interval) from a date
function_date"> DATE() Extract the date part of a date or datetime expression
function_datediff"> DATEDIFF() Subtract two dates
function_day"> DAY() Synonym for DAYOFMONTH()
function_dayname"> DAYNAME() Return the name of the weekday
function_dayofmonth"> DAYOFMONTH() Return the day of the month (0-31)
function_dayofweek"> DAYOFWEEK() Return the weekday index of the argument
function_dayofyear"> DAYOFYEAR() Return the day of the year (1-366)
function_extract"> EXTRACT() Extract part of a date
function_from-days"> FROM_DAYS() Convert a day number to a date
function_from-unixtime"> FROM_UNIXTIME() Format UNIX timestamp as a date
function_get-format"> GET_FORMAT() Return a date format string
function_hour"> HOUR() Extract the hour
function_last-day"> LAST_DAY Return the last day of the month for the argument
function_localtime"> LOCALTIME(), LOCALTIME Synonym for NOW()
function_localtimestamp"> LOCALTIMESTAMP, LOCALTIMESTAMP() Synonym for NOW()
function_makedate"> MAKEDATE() Create a date from the year and day of year
function_maketime"> MAKETIME() Create time from hour, minute, second
function_microsecond"> MICROSECOND() Return the microseconds from argument
function_minute"> MINUTE() Return the minute from the argument
function_month"> MONTH() Return the month from the date passed
function_monthname"> MONTHNAME() Return the name of the month
function_now"> NOW() Return the current date and time
function_period-add"> PERIOD_ADD() Add a period to a year-month
function_period-diff"> PERIOD_DIFF() Return the number of months between periods
function_quarter"> QUARTER() Return the quarter from a date argument
function_sec-to-time"> SEC_TO_TIME() Converts seconds to 'HH:MM:SS' format
function_second"> SECOND() Return the second (0-59)
function_str-to-date"> STR_TO_DATE() Convert a string to a date
function_subdate"> SUBDATE() Synonym for DATE_SUB() when invoked with three arguments
function_subtime"> SUBTIME() Subtract times
function_sysdate"> SYSDATE() Return the time at which the function executes
function_time-format"> TIME_FORMAT() Format as time
function_time-to-sec"> TIME_TO_SEC() Return the argument converted to seconds
function_time"> TIME() Extract the time portion of the expression passed
function_timediff"> TIMEDIFF() Subtract time
function_timestamp"> TIMESTAMP() With a single argument, this function returns the date or datetime expression; with two arguments, the sum of the arguments
function_timestampadd"> TIMESTAMPADD() Add an interval to a datetime expression
function_timestampdiff"> TIMESTAMPDIFF() Subtract an interval from a datetime expression
function_to-days"> TO_DAYS() Return the date argument converted to days
function_to-seconds"> TO_SECONDS() Return the date or datetime argument converted to seconds since Year 0
function_unix-timestamp"> UNIX_TIMESTAMP() Return a UNIX timestamp
function_utc-date"> UTC_DATE() Return the current UTC date
function_utc-time"> UTC_TIME() Return the current UTC time
function_utc-timestamp"> UTC_TIMESTAMP() Return the current UTC date and time
function_week"> WEEK() Return the week number
function_weekday"> WEEKDAY() Return the weekday index
function_weekofyear"> WEEKOFYEAR() Return the calendar week of the date (0-53)
function_year"> YEAR() Return the year
function_yearweek"> YEARWEEK() Return the year and week