phpmanager-moderating oci8 module in IIS
Installing php-manager
Oracle Instant Client: Ref :

Oracle Instant Client facilitates other programs to connect  a local or remote Oracle database instance. OCI8 is the extension used with PHP  to connect a database, seems to connect multiple version of Oracle databases , like 9.2, 10x and 11x versions.


Now phpinfo() showed oci8 modules

I still think that there is a minor tweak, and I have two client libraries

Oracle Run-time Client Library Version
Oracle Instant Client Version 10.2

Please review this document: I documented an example of querying Oracle 11.2 g database, using 10.2 instant client instantclient_setup_iis1.htm

Below, shows the update of this document, where I used Oracle Client 11.2 from this point and onwards.