The FastCGI is an application frame work, allows reuses of single CGI process for numerous requests, rendering the IIS server more secured without compromising the processing speed,
Open FastCGI


With right click select

Select Environmental

Add another variable

Overflow documents on Instant Clients:

What is an Instant Client !!

Oracle says " Using Instant Client, customers can deploy their OCI, OCCI, JDBC, and ODBC applications throughout their enterprise, instantly. Customers can automatically configure all application environments with the same settings, instantly ".

Salient Uses of Instant Client:

  •  To access an Oracle database you don't have to install full oracle database, in each workstation, rather client workstation can have this instant client.
  • With Instant Client, however, there is no tradeoff between application deployment time and application performance. Combined with the same level of
  • Deploy by simply copying and unzipping.