• dba_role_privs: describes the dba  roles granted to the current user.
    • select owner, grantor, privilege, grantee, grantable from dba_col_privs
    • select username, profile, account_status from DBA_USERS;
  • desc user_role_privs;describes the roles granted to the current user.
    • SELECT *FROM uesr_role_privs;
  • desc role_sys_privs;
    • SELECT *FROM role_sys_privs;
  • compare any two with a user does not have any table or role yet


  • User accounts : ch3 (reference)
    • securing db user accounts
    • predefined user accounts
      • Admin accounts
        • Annonymous
        • CTXSYS
        • DBSNP
        • EXPSYS
      • Non-Admin accounts
      • Schema Users account
        • there are few non admin accounts created during installation or you added as new user
    • expiring and locking user accounts
    • creating password
    • finding and changing password
    • guide to admin user pwd
    • guide to pwd management


Operating System Authenticated Privileged Connections

You can have the operating system perform the authentication for privileged connections based around the operating system user that is running the web server system process. An operating system authenticated privileged connection in PHP is equivalent to the SQL*Plus connection:
$ sqlplus / as sydba
For / as sysdba access (where no username and password is used) in PHP, all these must be true:
● The operating system process user is a member of the OS dba group
● PHP is linked with the same ORACLE_HOME software that the database is using (not Oracle Instant Client)



  user profile of : system-orcl select owner,grantor, privilege, grantee, grantable from dba_col_privs

NOTE below,  /as-sysdba  granted role, all has admin_option, none OS_Granted


USERNAME : Name of the user, or PUBLIC
GRANTED_ROLE : Name of the role granted to the user
DEFAULT_ROLE :  (YES) or not (NO)
OS_GRANTED : If granted by the operating system (YES) or not (NO)

User Scott:

user as sysdba




desc role_sys_privs;

SELECT *FROM role_sys_privs;

compare  user_role_privs and db_privs : the user "Baba" does not have any table yet