Securing DB: Overview:

This document would mainly focouss on SQL,PL/SQL and third party Programming tool as a middleware, and would restrain in probing admin aspects of Oracle, Postgql and MySql database.

In the following document I would just browse the salient feature to accomplish my main target, that is querying db over an intranet environment.

I would consider Oracle DB documents as a base template  while comparing with other db.

  • DB installation
    • default setting and privileges
      • ch 7-5
      • Data disctionary
        • schema objects
          • talbes, views, indesces, clusters, synonyms, sequences, procedures, functions, triggers
          • Default values of columns, Integrity constraints
          • DB Users roles and privileges
    • new or change password
    • manage external job privileges
  • User accounts : ch3
  • Understanding of privileges
  • Encrypting sensitive data
DB Installation : Default profile using Oracle 11g (community DB)

Clock on configuring assistant

Select database configuration option

Overview of Data Dictionary :

Revealing Scott ?details tab

table lcok


sysdba dictionary