Updating from 2002 to 2003

Step 1:Handle any error first, if you did not migrate from older to 2003 or Up. Still you can open the DB but SQL query will show invalid query alert messages. Caution: you won't be able to revert back to win 2002 or older version, if you are practicing please make a copy of the database, and work on the copy.


you may also get this message, I did not get this message with XP-Home Office 2003 Access. Note all the button's are grayed out


with office 2002, you may be able to use query Make Table to create a new table from one or multiple table.

Step :Now let us try to create a new table.



Insert a table

the employee table is added.

Step 2 : Make Table utility.

Step : name the table

Step : Click on the " ! " to compile and run.

Step : An alert box will display the choice to quit or continue. Click yes.

Step : Note the query language created.

SELECT tblEmployees.employeeID, tblEmployees.firstName INTO emptest1
FROM tblEmployees;

Step: table is populated.