Installation of MySql 5.5- mysql-installer-

Microsoft Net 4.0 was required

Step: 1 source down load


Step: 2

Click on Install MySQL products

Step: 3 Cose default installation

* MySQL Workbench
The GUI application to develop for and manage the server.

* MySQL Visual Studio Plugin
To work with the MySQL Server from VS.

* MySQL Connectors
Connector/Net, Java, C/C++, OBDC and others.

* Examples and tutorials
To help you get started with your development.

* Documentation
Allows you to read the documentation offline.

Step: 4 Once requirements are fulfilled

Step: 5 Configuration overview

On the Next screen you will be asked to enter password: pwd : manas2

Click finish


Step: 6 Installation Completed

Step: 7. Now to reopen , click on Workbench, click on MySQL Workbench 5.2 CE

You may get similar GUI, as shown below.

Step: 8 You may first try to open Local Instance of  SQL Development (in this workstation mans2 pc , I used manas2 as a password

This opens the database utilities.

Step: 9