Using Enterprise DB of PostgreSQL:
  • workstation Manasp14pc
  • windows Home 7 Premium (64 bit)
  • RAM 8gb / Pentium i3



Well, I am not biased to Oracle or MySQL, I have more gizmos with oracle over 15 years of documents and journals, so I chose oracle type in this work station; however I have 9.2 server which did not this choice and accepted MySQL type sripting and oracle type too like varchar(33) etc, 

password :pwmanas14

Note samle tables and procedures , stored procedures !! atlast

In this workstatin I have apache 2.2 server @ port 80 and tomcat standalone server @:8080. I used Tomact for war files in old fashioned way, using Eclipse and NetBean application. I also have C/C++ MinGW compiler to test PostgreSQl codes with PHP, Jvav, C/C++

Not sure about : this new feature what is complex and simple!!

Installation Directory: C:\PostgresPlus\9.2AS
Data Directory: C:\PostgresPlus\9.2AS\data
WAL Directory: C:\PostgresPlus\9.2AS\data\pg_xlog
Database Port: 5444
Database Superuser: enterprisedb
Operating System Account: enterprisedb
Database Service: ppas-9.2
PgBouncer Listening Port: 6432

Whey uses ....

I already Have Java , would it screw up the other java tune ups.

Installing pgAgent

Installing EDB and others

Installing PEM Client

Installing PgBouncer

pwd :pgs60108

Downloading update in a directory


pwd : pwmanas14

PWD : pwmanas14

Two databses are installed

Three tables are installed

The view of emp table

There are some procedures also  installed under the node"Procdure"

Testing procedures

Execute query