IIS 7 0 and PHP with PHP Manager

Objective :

  • Understanding Handler Manager and PHP Manager
  • Allowing fine and differential  tune-up of the applications at the local or virtual directory level.

1. Download : http://phpmanager.codeplex.com/

2. Installation

The shortcuts of the application  PHP Manager are available at the server as well as at the websites. Where as FastCGI resides at the server.

Note FastCGI is not listed with the virtual directory, "php".


Click on PHP Manager

Click on View Recommendation

The above pane did not help and decided to try registering

In the earlier version, while pointing to php-cgi.exe, I had to change to the executable from *.dll option. With php-manage I noticed the executable prompted by default.


The application, Handler Mapping keeps track of the modules and extensions, and the PHP-Manger facilitates the selection of PHP processes. Please note that in contrast to CGI operations in Linux,  FastCGI in IIS is designed to reuse CGI executables than opening a new process.

Fast CGI Setting

Now question is how you are going to select whcih one to archive and whcih one to use ? PHPManager may be one of the many choices are available for the developer. Note that,  phpmanager is configured at the virtual directory, not at the server level.

Configuring PHP in virtual directory

Runtime confirmation