PHP 5.3 in IIS 7.0 as FastCGI Module

Objective : Configuring FastCGI in windows server 2008 hosting IIS7.0

Key Words :

  • Internet Information Manager
  • Handler  Mapping
  • Adding a Module in IIS
  • PHP in IIS sever

The information about the workstation (Dell Inspiron 518 x64 Desktop ) hosting IIS 7.0 ( Curtsey of Microsoft Action Pack Subscriber Programs for Developers ).

The applications controlled by IIS, which are involved in managing  PHP in FastCGI environments (processes). Please note that FastCGI was regulated at the core-server, that is at the top of the hierarchies.

The options available, under Application Pools,  in virtual directories:

Step: 1 Download and unzip PHP folder in your hard drive.

Step: 2 Open up Server manager by clicking the icon pined at the start/task bar, or simply type IIS in startup box.

Alternate way :

Step: 3 Expand the application handler pane in the middle, and look for "Handler Manager", click to open it.

Step: 4: Most likely, especially at this point the php is not listed in the handler mapping application

Step: 5: Now find "Add Module Mapping" and click on it, in the first text box, type"*.php". Select FastCgiModule from the drop-down option box.

Step: 6 Browse to the folder where you have php-cgi.exe and other files are stored in your hard-drive; the naming is important to identify the module

The above enables the , your php application.

Step: 7 Write PHP code fro testing , as shown below.

Step: 8: Run this page from your server.

Step 9: Switch to another version ?  There are many possible ways of doing it. The one I used very often, beside using IIS-Manager, was PHP-Manager.