document outline (work in progress)
Objectives : The primary goal of this site to document code and  scripts of programming languages. These codes are tested in Ubuntu 12.04(32 bit), XP (32 Bit Professional), Windows 7 Ultimate (64 Bit /FastCGI), and Windows 8 (64 Bit/ FastCGI), environments. Due to some technical and graphical constraints, the screen shots are taken from windows and formatted with PowerPoint, before adding to a web-page.
Oracle Database needs no introduction, and goes as a signature product of Oracle corporation. To the users,  Oracle Database may suffice one of the leading databases which are routinely used by the developer communities. Few of the leading databases are listed below.
  • Oracle : Oracle Corporation
  • MySQL : Oracle Corporation
  • Access and SQL server :  Microsoft
  • DB2 : IBM
  • DataCom , Jasmin ii: Computer Associates
  • Interbase : Borland
  • NonStopSQL: Tandem
  • Red Brick , Cloudscape :Informix
  • PostgreSQL : PostgreSQL
SQL Query Comparisons :
In this series, I tried to present a comparative SQL queries and stored procedures, using three databases, namely, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

I also used Microsoft's SQL-Servers and Access databases, to create numerous desktop and web-applications, but mostly with Visual studio software. I would publish documents elsewhere.

There are many programming languages are available to interface SQL queries to a reference database, but the databases like Oracle or PostgreSQL database has it's  own procedural languages like PL/SQL or PGSQL.

At this juncture, I chose PHP to create an interface to query a small database in each DBMS. This interface was used over an intranet supporting IIS and apache servers, so that all the workstations in this intranet could access the above mentioned three databases.

Intranet :

a) PostgreSQL:

b) MySQL

c) Oracle: Please note, the screen shots below is a customized web-tool, Oracle DBMS always comes with many gadgets, the scope of those tools are huge, but I would attempt another occasion to overview those. Here I would focus on SQL queries among the afore mentioned DBMS.

iSQL * Plus from Oracle 10g

I originally thought to keep web-applications separate from the desktop's, but felt that  embedding SQL in the programming languages should be documented at the same time to get the complete essence of SQL.