• Oracle SQL : long history with PO7
Personal History :With PO7 release of Oracle for OS 95, Oracle tendered Personal/desktop version of oracle for the large audience of developers. Oracle developer 2000 in PO7 allowed the developers to use Forms and reports.

Structure Query Language was used too retrieve data from the table. SQL statements may  broadly be  categorized as follows

  • DML :Data Manipulation Language, retrieves or modifies data, supports the following statements
    • SELECT
    • INSERT
    • UPDATE
    • DELETE
    • MERGE
    • CALL
  • DDL: Data Definition Language, that defines the structure of the data.
    • CREATE
    • ALTR
    • DRROP
    • RENAME
  • DCL: Data Control Language, defines the privileges granted to database users.
    • GRANT
    • DENY
    • REVOKE
  • TCL : Transaction Control Statements, mages he changes made by DML.
    • COMMIT
SQL Facts:
  • Every SQL Statement is terminated by and a semicolon
  • SQL is not case sensitive,
  • The result returned after SQL query constitutes a temporary table, each retrieved record printed as a row, and  element of the select list is a column.
    Query : SELECT ename, empno, job FROM emp .

  • SQL is a non-procedural language, does not provide any flow control or allow suing logical statement.
  • SQL provides a fixed set of data types and some in built function; however it supports object data type.