PHP: Ajax Query Oracle 11g DB


  • In this example a php client retrieved data from server page asynchronously
    • The client would load first and then would fetch the output of a server file, which would be invisible to the viewers.
  •  We have similar version with HTML client.
  • We used Eclipse software, and noticed that configuration will not load a rich HTML client with ".html" extension In this case we used the contents of HTML page used with "php" extension, and it worked.
  • Code : rich_client1.php.txt,   oracle_test_eclipse1.txt,


Step: 1 

Name your project as suits you the best.

Step: 2 Creating a rich client file

Step: 3 Edit your code

Step: 4 Create a server file.

Finish on the tab and


Step: 5 Edit the php codes

Step: Set Runtime configuration: enter a name

Please, don't add "/" at the end.


Auto generate: function built the run time path


Step: 6