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Home Of Java Core Barebones
public class HelloWorld 
  public static void main(String[] args)
    System.out.println("Hello World");
What is java (Not being a beautiful Island) ?
  • A programming language designed to to run in multi-platform.
  • Based on the C/C++ and some SamllTalk constructs.
  • Totally object oriented programming language.
    • It relies on collection of Objects.
      • Each object has properties and methods to interact with other objects.
  • Sources are stored in a file with ".java" extension.
  • The file XYZ.jav is complied to XYZ.class using a command called "javac".
  • the very XYZ.class will be interpreted by the an interpreter for display.
Programmer's Notes: Object Types  
  • Class works like a template containing a list of "State/Instance variables" and Methods/Behavior.
    • Formalities: Class and Interface should start with "Capital Letters" where as methods are expected to start with "Lower-Case"; but you can jump this "Yield-Sign".
  • Abstract Class: is an incomplete class, can't be instantiated; but can be extended. The extended class must enforce the signature methods present in the abstract class.
  • Interface : is also a signature holder of a group with  a related behavior (methods) and can be implemented by a class.
  • JavaBean : "'getter"methods must have get prefix, and setter methods must have bear set prefix. Listener methods should start with add prefix and so on.
    • The scope bean methods must be set/declared as public.
Industry Equivalents
  • Both Java and .Net are executed via Virtual machine.
  • Java Byte Code == MS-IL of .net
  • Java JRE == .Net CLR
  • Both Allows Reflection
  • Jar in Java == Assembly in .Net
    • Java : jar cf abc.jar Test.class More.class
    • .Net : csc /target:library / out:xyz.dll xyz.cs
  • Java RMI == .Net Remoting
  • Java package is paralleled in .Net with Namespace.
  • Interface
    • Java
      • Class_Name implements interface1
    • Net C#
      • Class_Name : interface1