C++ : code example
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std; 
// declaraing all functions
// an alternate choice to a template 
// an alternate choice of using Gererics.
// -----To Display an integer
void Show(int value);
//------To Display  double-precesion value
void Show(double value);
// -----To Display a string 
void Show(string value);
int main()
cout<<("Hello World: This is a preface \n To genreics via template\n");
Show(32); Show(1234.50); Show(" Display this String");
return 0; 
// Display the value of an integer
void Show(int value)
    cout<< "\n  parameter  integer: " <<(value);
// Display the value of a double-precesion value
void Show(double value)
	cout<< "\n  parameter  dauble: "<<(value);
// Display the value of a character
void Show(string value)
	cout<< "\n  parameter  string : "<<(value);
Below is the runtime displays:: used Quincy /MingW compiler windows environment.