A Group is not resizable (meaning that its size is not managed by its parent in the scene graph), and takes on the union of the bounds of its child nodes. (So, in other words, the local bounds of a Group will be the smallest rectangle containing the bounds of all the child nodes). If it is larger than the space it is allocated in its parent, it will be clipped.

By contrast, a Pane is resizable, so its size is set by its parent, which essentially determine its bounds.
  • Resizable::
    • Container & Controls
  • Not Resizable::
    • Group, Custom Node, Text, Image View, Shapes

Class Pane : Base class for layout panes which need to expose the children list as public so that users of the subclass can freely add/remove children



Class Group

Code snippets: codes

Code : compare_Group_Pane1.txt

Runtime displays:
  • Default:
  • Left arrow key pressed::

    The image below shows that in resizable pane, green circle in pane goes off-screen , where as the green circle in group stays in the frozen frame, and stays