• Nodes and Pane
  • Co-Ordinates

Disclaimer, in this document Canvas-Frame and Scene-Screen are used as a structural representation of Stage, and Scene respectively.

Within Scene, UI elements are added as Nodes, in a hierarchical order.

The Nodes are positioned along X/Y co-ordinates


  • Layout :: Resizable or Not
    • Resizable :: Containers (like Pane) , Controls (like Buttons,
    • Not Resizable:: Group, Custom Nodes, Text, Image View, Shapes
  • LayOut Bounds : Slide 7 /42
  • LayOut Containers:: pane: (Built In)
    • Pane ::transformed rotate
    • BoderPane : has five nodes , Top, Left, center, right, and bottom

    • HBox
    • VBBox
    • StackPane : if an application needs children to be kept aligned within a parent (centered, positioned at top-left, etc), it should use a StackPane instead of Pane Base class.
      • Pane proot = new StackPane();
    • GridPane
    • FlowPane
      • flow.setVgap(8);
    • TilePane:
    • Anchorpane