How to Ease or pain with :
  • ListView <T>:  Type of objects stored in ListView
  • ObservableList is automatically injected to the ListView
  •  ObservableList<ClassType>
     ext1.loaddata();// to populate strings
    ObservableList<EMP1> oString1 =
    ListView<EMP1> lvwList = new ListView<>(oString1);
  • ObservableList<String Type>
    ObservableList<String> oString1 = 
    ListView<String> lvwList = new ListView<>(oString1);
  • List View to Table View:
    •  TableView<EMP1> visTable = new TableView();  
TreeView and TreeTableView :: At the time of testing these two items, I felt very low while comparing with ListView , ComboView, TableView to retrieve data from a database like  MySQL, PostgreSQL.