.NET Support:
  • Visual Studios
  • SQL Server
  • WPF Three types of basic application can be created with  WPF packed in Visual Studio 2010.
    1. Windows Application : resembles Windows Applications ( with certain moderations and differences). 
    2. Navigation application : provides similar taste of using web-pages but will be running from the desktop.
    3. WPF Browser (XBAP) Application : designed to run like a sandbox and can be deployed to a web-server.
      • Generally are not allowed to access file system and computer's resources like opening a new network connection or saving a file to the computer disk. Mostly you will store resources within the application. 




An XML Paper Specification (XPS) document is a document format you can use to view, save, share, digitally sign, and protect your documentís content. An XPS document is like an electronic sheet of paper: You canít change the content on a piece of paper after you print it, and you canít edit the contents of an XPS document after you save it in the XPS format. In this version of Windows, you can create an XPS document in any program you can print from, but you can only view, sign, and set permissions for XPS documents in an XPS Viewer.