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This document I intend to brief about the growth  and important landmarks of Java platform.


  • CGI to Servlet ( one of the old book)



Is it enough?

Do I see "websocket-sdk" Or  JRS ?
WebSocket is developed as part of HTML 5 specification and provides a bi-directional, full-duplex communication channel over a single TCP socket.

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Java FX



The java platform is bundle of related programs, mostly written with  Java programming language. This bundle tenders two major components, an execution engine, we know as Virtual Java Machine, and a compiler. With these two components, java runs in any OS and supported by all known processors.
  • Java Card : Applet based applications, mostly used pocket sized devices, like smart cards. The smart card like devices uses small  RAM and communicates with the host many ways. The candidate smart cards are Credit Cards, WIFI, and can also be found in mobile devices.
  • Java ME: mostly  used mobile phones, printers, blue-ray disc player,  and in many devices as an embedded system.
  • Java SE: (Standard Edition)  : To run on desktop pc, servers and similar devices to develop and deploy java applications.
  • Java EE : Java SE with various API constitutes this enterprise platform. 
The Java FX api is integrated in Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE). It offers to edge java based API (GUI), as an alternate to SCALA and JRuby. Microsoft's SliverLight  is a Parallel competitor. At the time of writing this document, Java FX and Sliver-light can be installed in Ubuntu system.

I wont' judge any pros and cones, as I felt that the programming culture and environments would govern to use either of these two GUI application. Both offers very rich client platforms.

The small businesses and community I support, mostly used shared host fro the last 10 years, and most of the internet host dropped out Java web servers  support. The popularity of IIS support by the internet shared hosting providers, Microsoft applications proved to be an easier solutions. The package comes with windows , office applications for desktop and internet seems to be overwhelming for windows users.

To me as a service provider, both the vendors provided immense intranet support, and unbound community  learning curve. It appears that I have a coin which has HEAD on the both sides, therefore fore luck is always on my side.

The following sections, display the coexistence of Java and Net Platform in window's environment, to meet the challenges of the current technologies.
Below shows the initial and updated Java environments in a PC.

Command line queries of Java Setting

Java Runtime Environment (enabled)

Below is the snapshot of C# infoation from command prompt of windows.



Web Support by Java and Net :
JNLP : Java Web Start (Jnlp) Java Web Start is included in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) since release of Java 5.0. This means that when you install Java, you get Java Web Start installed automatically.

Web APIs:

Using TomCat Server / in windows : Bridging Java Web application in windows environment with TomCat web server.

IIS hosting Python:

Java and Other Data Bases:
JDBC: PostgreSQL JAR file : Querying  a data base table in PostgreSQL , with Net Beans 7, as a landmark.

Windows inbuilt support to NET and webservices:
Windows Frame Work:

Windows Internet Information Server:  Showing Python and PHP

The following  information was collected from the internet, and lost track of quoting the source. My intention is to blog the concepts only.
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