import java.lang.String.*;
import java.lang.*;
class string_uppertolower{
public static void main(String arguments[])throws IOException
InputStreamReader isr = new InputStreamReader(;
BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(isr);
//needs throws IOException
System.out.print("Type some thing : ");
String str =br.readLine();
String s = str;
for (int i = 0; i < s.length (); i++)
char c = s.charAt (i); // Extract character
// If character is an uppercase letter, convert it to lowercase
//if (Character.isUpperCase (c)){
if (Character.isUpperCase (c)){
char cc = Character.toLowerCase (c);
//System.out.print (cc);
System.out.print (cc);
else {
System.out.print (c);
System.out.println ();


StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
StringBuffer sb2;
int i, offset, len;
char c;
String s;
char chararr[];
sb = new StringBuffer(); Creates new, empty, StringBuffer
sb = new StringBuffer(n); Creates new StringBuffer of size n
sb = new StringBuffer(s); Creates new StringBuffer with initial value s
Building StringBuffer
sb2 = sb.append(x) appends x (any primitive or object type) to end of sb.
sb2 = sb.append(chararr, offset, len) appends len chars from chararr starting at index offset.
sb2 = sb.insert(offset, x) inserts x (char, int, String, ...) at position offset.
sb.setCharAt(index, c) replaces char at index with c
Deleting from StringBuffer
sb2 = sb.delete(beg, end) deletes chars at index beg thru end.
sb.setLength(n) Sets the length of the content to n by either truncating current content or extending it with the null character ('\u0000'). Use sb.setLength(0); to clear a string buffer.
Extracting from StringBuffer
c = sb.charAt(i) char at position i.
s = sb.substring(start) substring from position start to end of string.
s = sb.substring(start, end) substring from position start to the char before end.
s = sb.toString() Returns String.
i = sb.indexOf(s) Returns position of first (leftmost) occurrence of s in sb.
i = sb.lastIndexOf(s) Returns position of last (rightmost) occurrence of s in sb.
i = sb.length() length of the string s.
sb2 = sb.reverse()