• The Network File System (NFS) was developed to allow the computers  to mount a disk partition on a remote system as if it could be a local disk, and thereby allowing fast, seamless sharing of files across a network.
  • NFS Security: a client is supposed to have access to a file  in a remote directory on the server.
    • The first step is mount access, where client attempts to approach a server
      • The file list, name or IP for the client pc's are involved, and exposed to a share point
      • if the client's profile (IP) matches with the one listed in the host, then client is allowed to mount.
      • The mounted client will have the access to the files with rw options.
      • This mounting is breached by the hackers
  • Systems Like Samba , Andrew , Coda offers the similar functionality of NFS
    • Samba : provides file services to windows clientsambamanas9