Our Missions:

What We Do  Creativity: The main mission is to create, customize, and provide solutions to the front-end applications. These applications were created with a notion that, these applications or prototypes would align  with your current business applications, code modules and database tiers.
What We Do Support : The  applications are extended as potable services, and  are supported with extensive library of codes, custom tools and modules, which can be blended with the existing business architectures or framework. These codes are very innovative, can be readily integrated with any system, and would save time considerably.
What We Do Application: We have several prototype applications in the various areas and welcome to the interested entrepreneurs to implement those applications in their entrepreneurships. Mostly I used software with open licensees, or easy to acquire, therefore these applications would considerably reduce the overhead costs of production and implementation.
community  Community development: This organization is dedicated to support community learning, self-employed individuals, small businesses and extra-curricular activities. I also share hands with local organizations, those who are involved in promoting the activities as indicated above.  
Connecting Past, Present and Future:  

The scope of any application will have this vertical trident scale, and can be viewed as a relay race. In this race, a team suffice "an organization", the batten suffice as  "an application", the runners suffice as "deliverables" and the podium is "transparent clients". The batten movement is the key motif, which determines the life span of the application. However, unlike a relay batten, this application-batten can have a facelift, necessary makeover and new successors. In this regard, I try to keep a track of transitions and revisions of the technologies or platforms.

Platform: Microsoft's Window 8.1 or  XP or Linux, selection is yours. The screen shot below represents the components of .Net platforms, which changed before and will change again  to keep pace with the industry-standards. When change is evitable, let us make this move a joint venture.

Portable Java: Virtual Machine
Isolation or Distinction: 

"One spoon can scoop many items, unless one is not spoiling other" ,  "Many spoon may fetch one favorite item" or "Many Spoon fetching many items without any restriction" . Therefore it will demand the initiation and implementation of relational objects.

The applications like NetBean, QT , Eclipse  and many other Open Source applications can be used in many operating systems like Mac, Ubuntu and windows, and these software can be used to compile Java, C/C++ or Python like programming language. All these software with programming language can be used to create interface to manage RDBMS.

Preach or Practice, do it alike:
Below is an example of using NetBean 6.9 in XP, which was used to compile C++ code in one project, and  in another project a java-web application was created. In this example, a deployable war file was created from the same Java application, and  this war file was subsequently deployed in a stand-alone "Tom Act Web Server" . Further,with the software like NetBean (also with Eclipse),you can create a desktop application with JavaFX  like applet. Below is an example of using Java Facelets :
Java Server Facelets are an alternative view (over a browser)  technology based on pure XML templates, and it was introduced with Version 2 of the Java Server Faces standard. They can only be used in a Java Server Faces (JSF) application . Java Server Pages (JSP) can be used with JSF for view, but unlike JSPs, Facelets is a template built from the ground up with the JSF component life cycle .
A C++ project

Run time view of C++ file

A Java Project : Now, open an web project and run a Facelet (xhtml) webpage.

Now Compile your project, and locate the file with war extension.

Now go back to Tomcat manager and then browse (dig) this page and run it.

Diversified :
  • Computer Science :
    • Many Programming Platforms and supported APIs. 
      • OS
        • Windows/Server : NT4.0, Win 2K, XP, Vista, , Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 server, Window's 8.1
        • Ubuntu/Server :  Version 10, 11, 12 :
          •  PostgreSQL, Apache 2.2 and PHP , QT C++
      • Scripting : HTML, JavaScript, JSON and jQuery
      • RDBMS : Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2005-2012, and Access 2003-20013.
        • Oracle: Custom API with PHP, iSQL/ 10g, SQl-Developer 11g, PHP/Oracle Apex (window xp)
          • SQL and PL/SQL support
        • PostgreSQL: Custom, Query Tool (PHP), in built pgAdmin application.
          • SQL , PL/PGSQL support.
        • MySQL : Python
      • Client and Sever Side Programming:
        • Desktop:
          • C++ :
            • Windows Eclipse, Visual Studio, QT,
            • Linux/Ubuntu: Ubuntu: Terminal
          • Python :
            • Ubuntu : Terminal , QT
            • Windows:
          • NET Platform : Visual Studio : C#, VB, C++ and WPF, Power-Shell, Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, SharePoint, PowerPoint)
          • Open GL: Oracle : Netbean6.0 and up, Eclipse
          • Ubuntu/Server : Java, and Shell
        • Intranet :
          • IIS 6.0 to 8.5 : ASP.NET ( Application, MS-SQL Server and Web Services, jQuery support) and FastCGI (PHP Interface : MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL ).
          • Apache 2.2 :
            • Windows Environment : PHP, JQuery, JSON
            • UBUNTU 12, 13, PHP, JQuery, JSON, MYSQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle 11g (please enquire)
          • Java / JEE
            • Tomcat 6, 7.0 : Eclipse.
            • NetBeans 6.0 and Up
Supporting community, professional and small businesses
  • Gas-stations : Office Application
  • Small- Hotels : Web-Site, Intranet, and Accounting templates using Office Application
  • LabView and MATLAB : A blog for student community (work in progress)
Academia :
  • Blogging : since 2000, BareBone_Series, RSS
  • Reviews of Journal Book and sites.
  • Promote Scholars 
  • Old Scriptures
  • Astrology
Alternate Medicine (More... coming soon )
  • Herbal Supplements
Molecular Biology (More... coming soon )
  • Immunity and Infectious diseases
Sports/Travel (More... coming soon )
  • Soccer and Travel