using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;

namespace delegate_encapsulate

    // #1 declare a delegate 
     * use the keyword delegate
     * name the method you will be encapsulating
     * and its return type 
    // start a new class with curlies
    class mydelegales 
        public delegate void delegate_a_method(string str);
        // delegates first or constructor first
        // for the class constructor will be the first one to evoked
        public mydelegales() { Console.WriteLine("Constructor evoked"); }
        ~mydelegales() { Console.WriteLine("Destructor evoked"); }
        //create a method with delegate 
        public static void process_request(string input)
            string received = input;
            Console.WriteLine("hello, user you entered : " + received);

    class test

        static void Main(string[] args)
            // #2 implement a delegate with new key word just line a class
            //what is different?
            //a class holds a delegate/pointer to a method encapsulated
            //stay idle till called by a method in that external class.
            //since it is static method, you need to call like this 
            mydelegales.delegate_a_method d_a_m = new mydelegales.delegate_a_method(mydelegales.process_request);
            Console.Write(" Enter something :");
            string str = Console.ReadLine();
            // #3 invoke a call through a delegate object



step 1:

Entering the Main()

Step 2 accessing the method

Step 3: Enter somethiing

Step 4 : entered my name

Step 5:

delegate is rolling

Step 6: delegates checks the method that will print out what ever you enter at the prompt. Note input holds the name I entered earlier

Step 7: Intially string received was null and then acquires the name from another variable of same type that is "input"

Step 9

step 10: Coming back to delegate

step 12: Job done ready to quit

No instances and no need of cleaning the abject; although delegates are in a class, it works on its own space and did not evoke constructor (since there is no instances/object created, constructor was not summoned. To review an example of using delegate as a function that will be traverse through an object, please follow the link.Link