Step 1. Main enters to open a console

Step 1: B

Ste 2: Objectes are created after instances.


step 3:

Step 4: enter a string

step 4B:

Step 4C

Step 5

Step 6: Process through returns the value to a local method to process. If you note the gray color of ec.processthough, means that the circle of process through checks out the local

Step 7: The local process in turn checks back to process_through.

step 8 returning

Step :9 now note "ep.process_through" completes the circle of series of processes.

Step 10:

Some illustration

program flow

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace test1


public delegate int _DEH(deh e);

class test


static void Main(string[] args)


EP ep = new EP();

deh MyArgs = new deh();

Console.Write("Enter a string ");

string str =Console.ReadLine();

MyArgs.MyString = str;

ep.MyEvent += new _DEH(main_process);




static int main_process(deh e)



return 0;



public class deh : EventArgs


//EventArgs is the base class for classes containing event data.

//the application must derive a class from this class to hold the data.

public string MyString;


public class EP


public event _DEH MyEvent;

public int process_through(deh e)



return 0;