Query Syntax :  Code : LINQ_Syntax1.txt
Objectives : Query data with two types of syntaxes.
  •  Querying a class object:
    var elist = getEmp();
    IEnumerable<ObjectFacotry> edb = from e in elist
    where e.ename.StartsWith("S") select e;
  • Querying a Static Function and Class Get/Set properties
    List<ObjectFacotry> empdb = getEmp();
    IEnumerable<ObjectFacotry> query1 = empdb
    .Where(emp => emp.ename.StartsWith("S"));
  • Lamda Operation : In lambda expression  the right side of the => operator is called an expression lambda
     the lambda expression x => x * y specifies a parameter thatís named x and returns the value of x * y multiplication.