Creating direcotry with "DirectoryInfo() class"

using System;
using System.IO;
//csc directoryinfo_create.cs
namespace dir_files
public class dir_create
public static void procces( string s )

string path = s;
DirectoryInfo root = Directory.CreateDirectory(path);
Console.WriteLine("The directory was created successfully at {0}.", Directory.GetCreationTime(path));
// Delete the directory.
//Console.WriteLine("The directory was deleted successfully.");

}//end of the class

class Test
public static void Main()
Console.Write(" Enter complete path :");
string str =Console.ReadLine();
if(str !=""){ dir_create.procces(str);}
else return;

} while(true);




Note the directory structure, where I am going to create a new directory.

my_dir is created

Now create another direcotory or press enter to escape.

Note two directories created