C++ Standard Template Library
  • STL
    •  Container Classes
      • Sequences
        • vector (dynamic array: a sequence of items as an array that can be grow as needed during execution. HAS RANDOM ACCESS ITERATORS
        • deque : a sequence that has a front and back, and the items can be added or removed from that front and back. The data Insertion or removal from the middle is not very efficient.
        • list: LIST IS SIMILAR TO vector but only supports bidirectional iteration.
  • Associative containers
    • bitset
    • deque
    • set
    • multiset
    • map : one to one mapping, duplicates are not allowed, rapid key based lookup.
    • multimap
  • Container adapter
    • stack LIFO
    • queue FIFO
    • Priority Que
  • String
    • string
    • rope string storage and manipulation
  • bitset: storing and manipulating bits.
  • Operation
    • iterator
    • algorithm
    • auto_ptr


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