Unified Class Library : The Unified Classes (Base Class Library) is a set of classes that provide useful functionality to CLR (Common Language Runtime) programmers. It provides the  foundation of which you build your applications, regardless of the language you use. Whether you simply using a function to concatenate a string, building a windows Services, or a multiple-tier web-based applications, you are using these unified classes.
Common Language specification: is a set of rules to create .Net applications that can run in CLR.

A Key Notion : C# is embedded in Microsoft's .Net framework , which manages and executes applications and web servvices. It contains a class library, Framework Class Library (FCL),



Scope of Language Specification:
Language Specification: Programming guide:

Lexical Structures : Basic Concepts

Types: And Variables :


Conversions: Expression 1

Expression II and Expression III

Expression IV and Statements

Namespace: Class: Fields : Methods

Properties, Events, Indexers, Operators, Instance, Constructors, Structs, Arrays, Interface

Interface continued, Enums, delegates, exceptions, Attributes, un-safe code and Interoperability.

Inter-Operability (contd.)