C++: Compiler Quincy

Objectives : Using Quincy 2005 

  • OS = Win 

Step: 1 Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4

Also the home of Borland compiler

Step: 2 Open the folder where Quincy was installed.

Open the folder

Click On Quincy.exe

Step: 3 Creating a new Project

At this point we will create a source file and test our first c++ application.

Quincy application will open a note pad

Step: 4 Editing the code

#include <iostream.h>
int main()
cout<<"Hello World"; 
return 0;

Step: 5 Save it either with Text1.c or Text1.cpp extension.

Step: 6 Debug and Run Time views

Hot Key F9

Hot Key F7: Step Through the program

Hot Key F8

Hot Key F10: Step To Cursor

Hot Key F10

Compound Hot Key Ctrl + W : Watch values

Step: Runt Time view : Click on the icon of a man running or press F9

Yes to build the project

Step: 1