Objectives :

  • usingOperatorKeyword1
    The operator keyword declares a function specifying what operator-symbol means when applied to instances of a class.
    type operator operator-symbol ( parameter-list )

  • In this example struct or class constructor collects a series of parameters from one object and these parameters are added with matching data series extended by the second object.
  • The function that shows the final output, works like a signature or an initiator.
  • Code : usingOperatorKeyWord1.txt

Step: 1 Create a project

Step: 2 Create a source file

Step: 3 Edit Source code

Step: 4 Runtime View

Note sumup object of DataPair structure should contain matching arguments to the struct constructor, but it's value is not added and only stores the results of the operation. The line highlighted, shows the results of 3 sets of matching (vertical) data series which were added during this operation. 

Step: 5b