C++ : Preconfigured Eclipse

Objectives :

  • Using Eclipse Europa and customized it uses with MINGW compiler
  •  preprocessor : macro ( a segment of code, a shortcut of function)
    • object type macro won't accept parameter
    •  function type macro will accept parameter
  • cout and an output ( << ) operator can be used in preprocessor

Step: 1. Locate this precompiled Eclipse from the source in your Intranet/Network

Then copying it to your local drive

Step: 2

Open the folder from your local drive.

Now copy MinGW from this folder and Paste it in the local hard disk as shown below

Step: 3 Note the contents in the MinGW folder. As I use MinGW compiler with NetBean and Eclipse, the file with tar extension is used with the NetBean Environment.

At this point, I won't be able to extend my priorities on the IDE ( Integrated development environment );  and I am a  friend to all these programming languages (in the order of my involvements) C (Unix & Window 3x), C++ (Windows & Mac), Basic (Terminals), Java (PC) & JavaScript, Visual Basic, C# , PHP and so on.  I found each of these have their own space and I must respect it.

Step: 4 Try out : Follow the illustrations, than reading out the textual details.

I prefer to create a workspace or folder to hold the source code and/or projects, as suits my requirements. As you noted in the illustrations shown above, that I used a folder called "LocalWPF" to organize all documents and source materials as suited my requirements.

Step: 5 We would be seeing these screens several times, as I use an intranet with numerous PC's (bragging !!) , screen shots showing file location helps me to ( my pointer or delegates ) access the bare-bone applications right way.

Who is first ? To show chicken or the egg first.


Keep your dishes ready !

The followings will reduce the number of warning like "end of the line" with Eclipse CDT IDE.


Now let us create a project

The illustration below, would reflect some customizations.

Create a source file

Step :6 Rewrite the Hello world file.

Error is always a land mark for me.

You don't lift the same chair you are sitting, preprocess checks the nut-bolts and reports to the compiler, why you would like to make an object of the same; spying over a spy ? There are other ways of doing the same.

The codes , shown in the illustration below, compiled and executed.