C++ Borland compiler- win 64 Bit configuration tips


Step: 1 Errors nature, after setting environment strings in Window 7 64 Bit. The image below ensures that path is pointing to the bcc32.exe file.

a) Using Command line Tool: Now if you try to compile a simple file, say you have created your won workspace/folder and you are trying to compile you codes and you see errors as shown below. 

b) Using Text pad 4.0 as a Text editor for Borland compiler

Step: 2 Solution: Make sure that  bcc32.cfg and link32.cfg files are added in "Bin" folder, as shown below

Step: 3 Check your application during run time

Using text Text Pad 4.0 and up you have this option availabe

Edit you code, along this line

Now Run file

If you try to run executable, commandline will flick and close; edit the codes ,adding at the end of the existing code and run to compile.

Notice, that command box is waiting for your input.

Hit enter to close the above command box.

Step: 4 Now using common command prompt.


Hit enter to exit the application