Source Code: Source_code.txt
Disclaimer : I installed 32 Bit version in windows 8.1 /64 bit, and tuned up with MinGW C++ compiler, due to follwing reasons:
  1. As 64 Bit version and the compiler from Visual Studio did not get along with each other.
  2. I used MinGW C/C++ compiler with NetBean 7.3 and Eclipse (Kepler) to compile console applictions.
Source Folder:

Setup Wizards:







I have two versions of QT installed in this pc

First Let us check with Build/Run Qt Version

Saw an warning @Kit pane

Should be corrected

Now create new project




Three files were created

mainwindow.h - header file


mainwindow.ui -> user GUI

Add two controls as shown below

Right click on PushButton, select Go To Slot to pick an event

An event created in mainwindow.cpp

Green Build is Good !!

Click responded