C++- Trouble shoot NetBeans 6.71 RC1


Step: 1 Problem: Linking NetBeans6.71R to a c++ compiler like MinGW


Step: 2 From file menu if choose the "Run" the project you will notice that there is no complier hooked-up to your project.

Step: 3 To attach a compiler to your current project you may need to first install a compiler like MinGW and an application "msys". In my intranet location, I saved all the files required to support Eclipse and NetBeans IDE environments.

To install "msys" you may download this executable from the provider.

Now I added ( or you can installed these applications in your current hard drive).

Step : 4 Now go back to Netbeans IDE and Selection "Options" from Tools in Top menu bar.

Click on "Add", and you will arrive at this screen.

Now choose your base directory

Select the compiler from the listed options, as shown below

Step: 4 Adding paths to the other API's

C : compiler

Step: 5 Create a new project and

Note all the headers files and codes, created this time, are clean and ready to compile.