C++  : Tune up NetBeans/MinGW/MYSYS


  • NetBeans GUI, uses  MinGW and MSYS modules to build and compile C++ application.
  • MinGW is a C++ compiler
  • MSYS assists MinGW:
  • NetBeans also needs a file, "gdb-6.8-mingw-3tar" in MinGW folders, and you need to add it manually.

Step: 1 The illustration below, represents the shortcut for NetBean 6.8 application.

Step : 2 Opens your NetBeans IDE

Step :3 Creating your C/C++ Environments

a) Click on "Option" menu under main Tool Menu bar.

b) Select C/C++ icon on the icon-tool bar, and then Add

c) Add your compiler, I would be using MinGW compiler in this context. The final make over will be similar to this image shown below. Please refer to Step: 4 , the folders and their contents as needed to run C++ application with NetBeans 6.8

Step: 4 The folder containing supporting API's to compile C++ applications

a) MinGW API's with Debugger, gdb-6.8-mingw-3tar

b) The API's for Make file executable.

Step 5: Now we are ready to create C++ Applications with NetBeans 6.8 IDE.

Click To Finish and our project would be loaded in the workspace.

The first look of the project templae

Step: 6 Edit the code, NetBeans 6.8 IDE provides, intelligent feeds for the header files and others.

We have following options, let us build and run the project;

a) "Build" was successful

b) Let us run the main project


Step: 7 The location of executable file is saved under "dist" folder