C/C++ Debugging with NetBeans 7.1


  • Understand the importance of virtual member function  of a class.
  • Debugging step (F7 )
  • Code : virt.cpp.txt

Step: 1 Debugging Steps (Follow the screen shots)

The cursor first sets on the object , "dv1", of Derv1class and then checks on the reference point, and that is "Derv1" class; 

Next the debug cursor checks the refence point of Derv1 class, as the class "Derv1" inherits the "Base" class.

In this example we used two objects. In the above illustrations, the cursor has checked all the references of "Drv1"object. Now, the debug cursor is checking second object, and then checks on the class "Derv2"

Checking reference of Base class.

Now cursor approaches the functions, and checks first function.

As soon as the curosr completes one function, the result is printed on the terminal window.

At then end, printouts from the both the functions are shown in the terminal table.