C/C++ : Eclipse MinGW path and Environment


  • Create a new project and choose MinGW compiler installed in your PC.

Step: 1 Create new Project

Step: C++ Project Type:

 Enter a suitable project name, and  click Next tab to get the next step "Select Configuration"

Step : Select Configuration:

 Click On Advanced, to review the settings.

Now at this pane, if you click on the environment, you would see the Path showing a c/c++ compiler "C:\mingw\bin;" along with others.

Step: Now your project is ready, and you can add a source file. myEclipsePlgInTest1.cpp

We are going to add a source file, meaning that we would present some contents to the C++ compiler.

Please note the file extension, cpp, it is token that would be accepted as a valid source file.

Step : It is time to add some codes.

Step: Building / Compiling the project:

Why !, the project usually contains multiple interdependent modules, build will align all the modules and validate the current codes you just added on this PANE.

There would a message in console pane that this "Build" was sucessfull.

Step: Run time Views

The run-time display is shown below