C++ You pick your IDE

Objectives : This example will appears many time, as an application includes many functions or attributes.

 If you used early during understanding about your coding environment, your take home message is "your out should be uniform, and should not be different; and pick the one you fill most comfortable to manage". 

  • Some Key Word:
    • Iteration and  Loop : compared for-loop and iteration with "ostream"
    • Vector : Vector of STL containers, is kind of dynamic arrays.
  • Compilers and IDE compared :
    • File name : Quincy : myArray_vector1.cpp
      Eclipse : Test1.exe
    • Special Interstest:
      • ostream_iterator< int > output
        copy( Vint1.begin(), Vint1.end(), output );
      • Statistical Mean, Average, and deviation
      Consider the following code, where you can replace a for loop with one line of code, which uses "ostream_iterator<int> output(cout, " ")" and acts like a non-graphic module controller.
  • Code: myArray_vector1.txt
  • Please also see : myArrayVector1.htm

Step: 1  Create a source file.

Eclipse: Create new project and name it Test as suits you the best.


Step: 2 Edit and save Source file


Step: 3 Runtime Views: Cumulative data collection with array and vector

Runt time : with Quincy

Runtime Eclipse

Step: 4 Brief Discussion: Please note that the data in the blue rectangle, was  an output of ostream_iterator; whereas the data in green rectangle was generated by a for loop using Vint1.begin() and Vint1.end() as a range of the loop.